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Gold Star Pavers LLC provides professional patio pavers in Orlando, FL.

A great job done by our pavers in Orlando, FL, and client was happy and satisfied with the result. Pool and patio in Orlando, FL, successfully installed by Gold Star Pavers LLC.

Patio Pavers in Orlando, FL

There are a variety of ways to freshen up the areas around your home's exterior, but one of the best ways is the installation of pavers. These pieces of concrete or stone are aesthetic and functional. At Gold Star Pavers, we install everything from deck to patio pavers in Orlando, FL, to beautify your residence.

Decorative concrete is also available to give your property a distinctive look. Rely on us for knowledgeable and professional design services if you're not sure what options to choose.

Orange Concrete Pavers

Brown Concrete Pavers

Let Us Pave the Way

If you think pavers look good on other people's properties, you can recreate the same look at your home. We will use pavers to create custom decks, walls, driveways, patios, and patios that are divided by walls and retaining walls.

What makes the work we do so special is that we are careful about supervision, such as making sure the site has the right depth of base to ensure that the pavers are on solid ground. This approach prevents pavers from shifting while they settle and resulting in an uneven appearance. We offer a one-year warranty on all paver services.

Colors and Patterns That Complement

Create a signature look for your pavers by turning to us for design help. We can recommend the best patterns or materials to use for your project. Because we consider ourselves to be professional estimators, we also suggest colors that complement your house. The materials we work with include decorative concrete in different patterns and colors, such as:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown (Sometimes Called Sunset or New England)
  • Light Peach
  • Pewter Gray
  • White
  • Orange And More
Brown, Black & White Concrete Pavers

Orange Color Pavement

Long-Lasting Quality

Pavers are an ideal choice for driveways and pool decks. The reason being is that they are made with 4,000-pound concrete, which makes them durable and more customizable. If your pavers are lifted by a tree root, or they are washed out, you can simply rebuild the surface for that section and reset the pavers.